Legends of the Flight Nurses of WWII
Flight Nurses of WWI Flight Nurses of WWII
Legends of the Flight Nurses of WWII
Legends of the Flight Nurses of WWII
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Legends of the Flight Nurses of WWII
Legends of the Flight Nurses of WWII
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Books written by or about WWII Flight Nurses

Berendsen, Dorothy M. The Way It Was: An Air Force Nurse's Story. 1988. Europe flight nurses.

DeWitt, Gill. The First Navy Flight Nurse on a Pacific Battlefield. 1983. Pacific.

Jopling, Lucy Wilson. Warrior in White. 1990. Pacific flight nurses.

Mangerich, Agnes Jensen. Albanian Escape, The True Story of U.S. Army Nurses Behind Enemy Lines. 1999. Flight nurses.

Moseley, Esther Baer. Lady Don't Stop Here, buy prozac, The True Story of a Young Woman's Adventures as an Air Evacuation Nurse in the Army Air Corp of WWII. 1988. CBI flight nurses.

Following WWII nurse books include stories by or about flight nurses:

Fessler, Diane Burke. No Time For Fear, Voices of American Military Nurses in World War II. 2007. Oral history, including 26 Army and Navy Flight nurses, worldwide.

Melton, Brad, ed. Arizona Goes to War, The Home Front and the Front Lines During World War II. 2003. Chapter 5 by Diane Burke Fessler, includes Flight Nurse in Europe.

Aggeles, Theodora B. Answering The Call: Nurses of Post 122. 2007. Includes Flight Nurses worldwide.

Blasingame, Wyatt. Combat Nurses of World War II. 1967. Includes Flight nurses Worldwide.

Cooper, Page. Navy Nurse. 1988. Includes Flight nurses.

Herman, Jan K. Battle Station Sick Bay: Navy Medicine in World War II. 1997. Includes Flight nurses.

Jackson, Kathi. They Called Them Angels, American Military Nurses of World War II. 2006. Includes Flight nurses .

McDermott, George L. Women Recall the War Years, Memories of World War II. 1998. Includes Flight Nurse.

Newcomb, Ellsworth. Brave Nurse, True Stories of Heroism. 1945. Includes Flight nurses.

Regis, Margaret. When Our Mothers Went to War, An Illustrated History of Women in World War II. 2008. Includes Flight nurses.

Sterner, Doris M. In and Out of Harm's Way, A History Of The Navy Nurse Corps. 1996. Includes Flight Nurses.

Tomblin, Barbara Brooks. G.I . Nightingales, The Army Nurse Corps in World War II. 1996.

Amazon.com is a good source for these books, whether new or used. Many of these books are out-of-print, but available through used-book sources, such as amazon.com. Some of these books are in gift shops at various military museums, and WIMSA, Women In Military Service For America. Check online. Barnes and Noble stores, and other local bookstores may be able to special order these books.

Public libraries have many of these books, and the InterLibrary Loan Dept. at public and college libraries can find copies.


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Legends of the Flight Nurses of WWII
Legends of the Flight Nurses of WWII Legends of the Flight Nurses of WWII


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